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Uniós pályázaton talált munkaerőt az egyik legjobb hazai fejlesztőcsapat

Gyakornoki státuszból vált gyakorlott fejlesztővé egy fiatal a hazai Drupalos fejlesztőközösség egyik legrégebbi cégénél. A KYbest-Trade Kft. 3 millió forintos európai uniós támogatás révén a tanulmányait épp elvégző fiatalt alkalmazhatott, aki az előző év végére a cég oszlopos tagjává vált, és nemzetközi projektekben működik közre.

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No more FireSASS?

FireSASS has been a great help for years for those front-end developers who used the SASS CSS preprocessor, but if you decide to reinstall your operating system or you decide to try this tool now for the first time then you will be surprised to receive a message webpage:
"This add-on has been removed by its author."

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Using PHP_CodeSniffer in PhpStorm

PHP_CodeSniffer is a PHP5 script, which can validate PHP, JavaScript and CSS type source codes according to the different coding standards. In other words, you can easily check your source code’s standardization with a script, instead of knowing every detail about the coding standards by heart. You can use PHP_CodeSniffer in different ways, for example you can run it simply from terminal but thanks for the PhpStorm’s built-in support it becomes a much more effective tool.

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Applying node access on a non-node based view

The Views module automatically joins the node_access table only for node based views. In any other case we need to take care of the proper access handling ourselves.

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Exporting image field defaults in D7

We all love image fields' defaults: it's so easy to have a hero image for a product or a colleague's profile even when the editor does not provide one, with all the niceties such as displaying it with various image styles in a list, in the teaser or on the actual page. We all love Features module as it allows us to export Drupal 7 content types with all its settings.

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Ctools export API

In one of our recent projects we used the Commerce Custom Order Status module to create custom commerce order statuses from the UI. The problem with this module was however that the created statuses (living in the module's own database table) were not exportable.

To make a module's custom database table exportable with features you have 3 options:

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Detailed plan of IssueQ development phase 2 with cost estimates

How did we get to the 22.500 USD?

Here is a plan with cost estimation and short description of the tasks.

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Building a web service with Drupal 7

1. The task

We built a site over a year ago which allows placing orders after the visitor has selected an offer. Our customer asked to implement a web service that allows submitting orders from a 3rd-party service (eg. from a mobile app).

2. What to do?

Such a web service should consist of at least four calls:

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New module: Field collection tabs widget

Data belonging to a drupal entity often can be added only by combining several fields. An example for such data can be a person with a name, a birth date and a place of birth. The most popular solution to make this kind of data multivalue is the Field Collection module. We love this module a lot but viewing and editing big field collections can be daunting.

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Entity reference - customizability at its best

The Entity reference module is one of the most used Drupal modules. At the moment of writing it is 51st on the usage list of Drupal projects. Those who have already made a Drupal site probably have knows it. At the same time, not many know what a powerful tool it can be even in special cases.