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Applying node access on a non-node based view

The Views module automatically joins the node_access table only for node based views. In any other case we need to take care of the proper access handling ourselves.

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Ctools export API

In one of our recent projects we used the Commerce Custom Order Status module to create custom commerce order statuses from the UI. The problem with this module was however that the created statuses (living in the module's own database table) were not exportable.

To make a module's custom database table exportable with features you have 3 options:

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New module: Field collection tabs widget

Data belonging to a drupal entity often can be added only by combining several fields. An example for such data can be a person with a name, a birth date and a place of birth. The most popular solution to make this kind of data multivalue is the Field Collection module. We love this module a lot but viewing and editing big field collections can be daunting.

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Entity reference - customizability at its best

The Entity reference module is one of the most used Drupal modules. At the moment of writing it is 51st on the usage list of Drupal projects. Those who have already made a Drupal site probably have knows it. At the same time, not many know what a powerful tool it can be even in special cases.