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Detailed plan of IssueQ development phase 2 with cost estimates

KOHÁN Péter képe

How did we get to the 22.500 USD?

Here is a plan with cost estimation and short description of the tasks.

  • Function intensive pack (estimated cost: 9.800 USD)

    • Add workflow management feature (estimated cost: 2.700 USD)

      • IssueQ can be set which issue status transitions are allowed (estimated cost: 1.500 USD)
      • The workflow is customizable (estimated cost: 1.200 USD)
    • Add support of milestones (estimated cost: 2.400 USD)

      • Milestones can be defined and added to issues (estimated cost: 1.200 USD)
      • Issue progress can be summarized for milestones in percentage (estimated cost: 1.200 USD)
    • Add support for archived projects (estimated cost: 500 USD)

      • If a project finishes it can be marked as archive project. Then it will not appear in lists by default. (estimated cost: 300 USD)
      • No one can access to it any more, except the project admin (estimated cost: 200 USD)
    • Handling of multiproject Kanban boards (estimated cost: 4.200 USD)

      • Show multiple projects on the Kanban board with proper handling of privileges (editing)
      • No security by obsucirity solutions
  • UI intensive pack (estimated cost: 12.700 USD)

    • Redesigned UI (estimated cost: 7.000 USD)

      • Redesign of lists, creating and editing of tasks (estimated cost: 3.400 USD)
      • Arrange and adjust buttons, clickable GUI elements (estimated cost: 1.500 USD)
      • Start using colors (estimated cost: 2.100 USD)
    • Redesigned e-mails (estimated cost: 3.300 USD)

      • Rethink the subjects of the e-mails to provide the most important informations at a glance (estimated cost: 900 USD)
      • Redesigning the body of the e-mails (estimated cost: 1.500 USD)
      • Users can select if they want the full text of the comment, or just a truncated version (estimated cost: 900 USD)
    • Dashboard for users (estimated cost: 2.400 USD)

      • Tasks ahead (estimated cost: 600 USD)
      • Issues waiting for feedback (estimated cost: 300 USD)
      • Recent activites (estimated cost: 300 USD)
      • Recent comments (estimated cost: 300 USD)
      • Recent documents (estimated cost: 300 USD)
      • Recent projects (estimated cost: 300 USD)
      • Recent issues (estimated cost: 300 USD)